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Diesel Particulate Filter Removal, also known as DPF Delete, can be performed to resolve common issues with the DPF:

Benefits of Diesel Particulate Filter Removal

Benefits to removing the DPF:

Example DPF maintenance costs

The majority of vehicles with a DPF require it to be replaced as part of the service schedule.

A BMW 3.0D Diesel Particulate Filter costs over £2,000.

How is the Diesel Particulate Filter removed?

DPF removal is quite straight forward. We remove the DPF core from your vehicle's exhaust system and disable all DPF functions on your ECU. All of these steps are reversible should you wish to re-fit the DPF in future.

Is DPF removal legal?

Keeping your DPF fitted is not currently a legal or MOT requirement.

Diesel Particulate Filter Removal (DPF Delete)

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